Youth Food Movement Netherlands

Youth Food Movement Nederland (the Netherlands) started back in 2009, after Samuel Levie had been asked to go to Terra Madre in 2008. When he came back, he gathered his friends and other usefull people, and started the YFM. After the first public dinner they organised the YFM rapidly grew. Now, in 2014, we just started the fifth edition of our Academy, we have the fourth annual Food Film Festival coming up, and the 7th regional YFM group in the Netherlands is starting.  

Through our academy, consisting of 25 young proffessionals, farmers and students every year, our network reaches far and wide, from farmers unions to people working in supermarket concerns and future politicians. Together with young farmers, we also arrange meetings for 'boer en burger': farmer and citizen. To people less involved in food, the Food Film Festival is our biggest and most well-known business card, taking place in Amsterdam with over 8000 visitors every year. Smaller projects such as eat-ins, dinners, tastings and visiting producers and farmers are often organized by our regional YFM's. 

YFM Nederland has her office in Amsterdam. Are you in town? Let us know!