'Terra Madre Giovani - We Feed The Planet' (WFTP)

October 2015

'Terra Madre Giovani - We Feed The Planet' (WFTP)

Letter to the world

“In the coming decades, food crises will pose the greatest challenge to global stability. We need a fairer, more sustainable food system and we need it now.”

Together, the 2,500 young farmers, food producers and food professionals who gathered at WFTP have written an urgent letter to the world. The letter is a manifesto, a call to action to the world’s citizens, politicians and anyone who feels compelled to join the discussion and bring about real change to our food system. The letter highlights the outcomes of WFTP and serves as an important starting point for the future of food and farming.

EXPO 2015 and WFTP

Feeding the planet is the biggest challenge our generation has to face and in 2015 the world turned its eyes to EXPO 2015 in Milan for answers. EXPO 2015 intended to discuss the possible ways of feeding the planet, now and in the future however, the discussion was missing something critical: the voices of those who actually feed the planet. The ones of the young farmers, fishers and other young food producers from all over the world.

In response, Slow Food and the SFYN organized the WFTP event, bringing 2,500 young people from all over the world to Milan from October 3rd to 6th 2015. Together the group formed an interdisciplinary network of young farmers, small-scale producers, and other young food professionals, equipped to develop new initiatives to redefine the future of our food system.

The event: ‘The event on the future of food and farming’

The four-day WFTP program provided a fertile ground to create and redefine ideas and models and resulted in new connections, business startups, and active, hands-on solutions for the future food system in a good, clean and fair way. With this knowledge, network and inspiration, these 2,500 young people are now creating change in their own communities; collectively working towards and engaging others in solutions to our global crisis.

A thank you

Due to high travel costs, many small-scale producers would not have been able to come to Milan to raise their voices on their own. WFTP is extremely grateful for the support and funds raised through the Crowdfunding campaign that allowed these voices to be heard and make valuable contributions to the future of the food system.