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Rio de Janeiro - Friday Feast

Posted 4 years, 9 months ago in SFYN Weekends

Carol Sa of SFYN Brazil is on hand to provide some soothing weekend food... Rio style! (particularly useful if you've had a night out or two!)

Drink lots of coconut water. Juices and ice cream is a good source of energy, but avoid citrus fruits. Choose juicy fruits or with a lot of water, such as avocado, papaya, cucumber, melon and watermelon.

Across town the tourist can find many good options of juice bars, and we have two great Italian artisanal gelaterias: Vero and Oficina del Gelato.

For more tips, consult the Rio de Janeiro guide - 100 Slow Food Tips.

Hangover Juice Recipe:

800ml coconut water
1 apple
1 cucumber
10 leaves fresh mint
Mix in a blender and enjoy the juice!