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Hello SFYN! We came to stay!

Posted 4 years, 6 months ago in SFYN Blog

Only a couple of weeks away, everywhere in the world people are warming up and getting excited for the biannual highlight for everyone who cooks, makes, or eats food: Salone del Gusto & Terra Madre!

For Slow Food, 2014 marks its 25th anniversary. Founded in 1989 to counter the rise of fastfood, since then, the idea of ‘eco-gastronomy’ has spreaded around the world. Today, the Slow Food network involves over 100.000 members and 2000 food communities in 150 countries.

The Slow Food Youth Network is still in its infancy. Born in 2007, as the Youth Food Movement, our network of young chefs, farmers, food professionals, activists and consumers has developed over the years. Founded by a group of motivated but loosely connected young people from all over the world, today the Slow Food Youth Network forms a firm interconnected network in over 40 countries (and counting) in Europe, North America, Central America, South America, Asia and Oceania. Activities are being organized on a daily basis, and especially the SchnippelDisko/DiscoSoupe/Xepa/Bursauk anti-foodwaste movement spreaded all over the globe. The Slow Food Youth Network is armed and dangerous: weapon of choice: social media, love for food, and an appetite to dance!

Making part of an international network is awesome, but sometimes difficult to maintain. Yes, we can be in touch trough Skype, Facebook, Twitter or another medium on a daily basis, but it’s still not quite the same thing as meeting each other in person. That’s why Terra Madre is such an important moment for the network every two years: we will have the opportunity to meet people from all over the world, talk, exchange ideas, make plans, while looking each other in the eyes. Terra Madre is not just a conference or taste market, it forms a key moment in the development of our network. We believe that our network holds the key to change the future of food and farming.

By creating an interdisciplinary network of young people that share the value of food, we provide a fertile ground for new ideas, businesses and projects that help the food system forward to flourish. By connecting people from different social, professional and cultural backgrounds, our network of change agents will change the food system from within.

Changing the food system has been the main goal for the Slow Food movement for 25 years. And yes, things are changing. But it is time to step up our game. The world needs new, innovative ideas that will define the future of food and farming. SFYN, together with Slow Food, can do that. Two years ago, we just came to say Hello! This year, we will show that we are here to stay.

Joris Lohman – SFYN Representative in the Executive Committee of Slow Food International