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Celebrating Future Food Leaders with SFYN at Terra Madre

Posted 8 months, 1 week ago

SFYN space at Terra Madre Salone del Gusto

This year we, Slow Food Youth Network, will be together with a 1000 future food leaders at the Slow Food festival Terra Madre. We will have 1000 unique voices and 1000 different perspectives gathered from all over the world. It is (human) biodiversity at its best! We believe that the power of this diversity comes from what we have in common: we all share the same future. One which is uncertain and changing, challenging and surprising, scary and exciting all at the same time. With the Slow Food Youth Network, we’re gonna face it and embrace it with one mindset: let’s live our crazy dreams and get serious about turning them into reality.

During Terra Madre, we will go on a journey and serve Food for Change, this year’s theme. The aim is to inspire everyone to reconsider how our food choices impact our health, communities and environment. It is a whole lot to take on your plate, we know. But we also know that you want to make a change in food. We are certain that at this event you will discover the right ingredients that you will need to accomplish that. You will be surprised where you can find it: in a person’s knowledge, a conference, a story, by tasting some food or when you live an experience!

So, what can you expect from this years SFYN program 'celebrating future food leaders'?

Over these five days, SFYN is there for you to:

Find your crazy side! With wild beer tastings, cross-cultural slow speed dating and late night dancing ...

Make sure you dream: close your eyes and open your ears at the storytelling night, or share your vision on how the world you want to live in should be at the World Cafe ...

Take it seriously: get together to put the dreams into practice with networking meetings, gain new knowledge at the conferences that matter to you, and let your voice be heard in open discussions and strategic sessions ...

Make it real: learn the do's and don'ts from those behind the most successful SFYN projects around the world, empower yourself with our easy-to-follow toolkits, and get immersed into it at our workshops ...

But most of all, go for the unexpected!

Be open for surprises. Talk with someone you don’t know. Don’t be afraid: we all speak the language of food. Wander around. Don’t follow the programme.

Let’s enjoy and celebrate those 5 days. Don’t go too fast, take it Slow (Food).

PS. Curious what a future food leader exactly is? Read it here: a letter to future food leaders.

For now, let’s be practical

The full event schedule is available NOW, but keep checking for updates!

THE SFYN SPACE consists of:

- The Arena: a shared space, together with the Indigenous Terra Madre (ITM) and global migrant networks

- SFYN Booth: inside the Arena we have our own room for serious action and dreams

- Surprise stage: a SFYN pop-up party could happen anywhere, anytime!

Teaser program

Thursday: Traditional Indigenous opening ceremony

Friday: Raise your fork for change in the World Cafe!

Saturday: Dance, dance, dance!

Sunday: Get it done! learn practical change-making skills from the best SFYN projects

Monday: Cheers and ciao with cocktails!

Everyday: Morning yoga & afternoon energizers