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Big Plans for SFYN in 2015!

Posted 4 years, 2 months ago in SFYN Blogs

When we, Yvonne Faber and Francesco Scaglia, started working as coordinators for SFYN, back in 2013, we didn’t exactly know what to expect. We had just experienced Terra Madre 2012, the first one to have a proper SFYN presence, and were still drunk of the happiness, energy and participation that the youth delegates brought from all over the world. But what to do now with this newborn, mostly European, network?

Time has passed and thanks to the huge amount of work put in by the local activists, SFYN has grown from its European perspective into a more global one, with some infiltration with all kind of realities: Indigenous Peoples, cheese-producer networks, global campaigns against food waste, political protests and manifestations, spontaneous gatherings to share food (a.k.a. eat-ins) and much more. The constant throughout is a collective force of young people motivated to improve the current food system.

 Although visible through the daily updates we receive from around the world, the strength of  the youth network  is most evident when they are all in the same place. The last time this  happened was during Salone del Gusto  and Terra Madre 2014. The energy and  determination of the network was clear to whoever had the possibility to  walk by our stand.  During the 5-day event, the SFYN space was home to a vibrant mix of workshops, meetings,  presentations and, yes, a few drinks, with over 2000 people getting involved.  But that was last  year, and now  once again it’s time to think ahead again.

A new year means new goals and new ideas to spur on the growth of our network. 2015 is a year full of international events related to food, in particular Expo 2015 with its theme “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”. With that in mind, we decided to go for the most ambitious project we have launched so far: to bring thousands of young farmers, fishers, food producers and activists from all over the world to Milan during Expo 2015 to clearly state that they are the ones that need to be involved when we talk about the future of food. Because, all together, We Feed the Planet.

We Feed the Planet (taking place from October 3-6) will be a special edition of Terra Madre, completely organized by SFYN, that will see 5000 young people working in food get together to discuss and create a new vision about how the food system must be shaped in 30 years. After all, the future is ours and we need to take good care of it. It will be an event with a strong political and strategic direction for our network and the overall food world. Political, because we bring to the table of discussion on food and future, the people that mostly should participate but hardly have access to it; strategic, because this event will see the official presentation and launch of the SFYN Academy project, with which we will work to create a network of Academies that will train future leaders in the food sector that will change the food system through education.

The goal is ambitious and all the SFYN team is already working very hard to make it happen. And we do that thanks to the loads of energy that the network gives to us everyday, people that have been with us since that Terra Madre 2012 where everything started, along with people that are new but have already understood that we are working for something that make us proud and that makes a real impact in this world. We hope to count on all of you to make this Terra Madre - We Feed the Planet event an important milestone in the history of SFYN. A history of hard work, crazy ideas and even crazier people. A story we are very glad to be part of.

See you in October! 

Yvonne Faber & Francesco Scaglia