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Mexico City - A bar dedicated to all things natural

Posted 4 years ago in SFYN Weekends

In the heart of Mexico City, a bar dedicated to all things natural. Take a journey to Linneo Pub Botánico and sit back and relax in the intimate surroundings with a freshly mixed drink, crafted with all the love and craftsmanship of Mexican herbolary.  

BAR: Linneo Pub Botánico (Michoacán 121, Col. Condesa, México D.F.) 

By: Hugo Hernández
Photo Credit: Alejandra Carbajal

This bar takes its name from the father of taxonomy, Carl Linnaeus, and invites its patrons to appreciate     the natural, something that is reflected in the food and beverage menu. You only need to sit next to   the bar to see how all the drinks are prepared with loving craftsmanship, making use of fresh herbs and flowers cultivated on their own terrace.

The decor is cozy and comfortable, with wooden furniture and ocher tones. The intention was to   preserve the classical decoration of the houses of     La Condesa. 

What results from this recipe is a novel concept    located dead center of the area’s swathes of bars     and clubs. Another fascinating feature is the     mixology; it’s a sort of "back to basics" approach because in each drink they use the traditional         mystic of Mexican herbolary. Only organic and local produce is used, and is sourced within a 160 km (100 mile) radius of the city. 

Their signature drink is the "Salvia Pomacea" which combines sage, limoncello, Calvados, Chartreuse, natural syrup, star anise, lime, bitters and egg white. It might sound odd to a few, but it is without a doubt an incredible experience for the palate. If you’re after something less alcoholic, or more traditional, the wine menu boasts a good selection of varietals from the main wine producing regions. There is also a selection of artisan brewed "chelas" (slang for beers) that derive from the main national brewing styles. 

The sensory experience does not end with the drinks: you can find an artistic space in the upper floor called "Primate". Here, multidisciplinary pursuits are brought together, including film festivals accompanied by brunch on the terrace.

Music plays an important role in the venue’s character. Mainstream pop is avoided, while rock, electro, jazz, funk and several othe genres fuse to make a relaxed soundtrack for drinking. On Wednesdays, there are DJ sets or live bands, like the Drop Dogs and Jazzociation.

The scent of fresh flowers, fruits and herbs inundate the venue subtly, providing a pleasant alternative to the usual cigarette bar smell. As night falls, the place starts to get crowded; the ambiance is merry, like a chilled-out party in the house of an old friend.

- Valet parking, smoking area, restrooms
- Average bill $ 300 - $ 500 pesos ($ 20 - $ 40 USD)
- Open from TUE to SAT from 13:00 P.M. till 2:00 A.M., SUN from 13:00 P.M. to 19.00 P.M.
- All credit/debit cards welcome.

Awesome! The group that brought us Linneo has just opened the first of many restaurants that are 100% vegan, and it is called Los Antojos del Alma (Soul Cravings). This restaurant does not only use sustainable produce, but it also serves as a platform to actively promote local agriculture and eco-friendly initiatives within a 100km radius.