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Discover the hidden cocktail bar of Brussels!

Posted 3 years, 9 months ago in SFYN Weekends

Welcome to Brussels! The European Capital buzzing with expats and locals. It’s a very nice city to live in, very green and very pretty, with many diverse neighbourhoods.

Written by Alice Codsi from SFYN Brussels

Start with a drink on Friday
The perfect way to relax after a long and tiring week is with a delicious cocktail from Hortense. It’s a hidden cocktail bar with amazing cocktails, they change the menu often and it's’ always delicious. You will find traditional cocktails revisited and a beautiful location. It’s in the Sablon, a beautiful neighbourhood where all the chocolate makers have their shops.

Discover the city on Saturday
On Saturday, I love going to the city centre for nice walks and meeting friends. Depending on which mood I am in, I love going to Bia Mara after a heavy night. Amazing fish & chips (photo on the left), with sustainable fish and crispy fries, it’s a very good lunch and a nice place to meet friends. Sometimes I go for a very nice hot chocolate at Laurent Gerbaud. Always hot and creamy, it is a perfect Saturday afternoon treat. Then I sometimes go to the Bozar, which is a very nice museum.

Enjoy the traditional French/Belgian cuisine after
For a very nice dinner with extremely delicious food go to the Selecto. They get inspiration from traditional French/Belgian cuisine and always add a little extra twist.  I love it also because they have an amazing wine selection with many natural wines. The staffs is helpful and passionate about their food, and they bring a very nice and relaxing atmosphere.

And, end your weekend with a..
Belgium is very famous for its beers and for very good reasons! My favourite place is the Moeder Lambic, they only serve beers from very small breweries and they are all on tap. They also serve the very special gueuze! It is a traditional type of beer mix with young and old lambic. There are two Moeder Lambic, but the first one in St Gilles is my favourite one, also because it’s in a very nice and trendy neighbourhood.

Have a look at the Slow Food App for more ideas on where to go in Brussels. You should definitely come and visit; it’s a lovely city!