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Shalom to Tel Aviv! The city that never sleeps..

Posted 3 years, 10 months ago in SFYN Weekends

Shalom and welcome to Tel Aviv. For Israelis this is the city that never sleeps. From the beach to the small streets and neighborhoods, you can find great food, bars and cafes. One post is too short for the amazing culinary scene happening in Tel Aviv, but this is the best for one weekend with us.

Written by: Shai Schevach, SFYN Israel 

Arak and lemon cocktail in 1L bottle, a charcoal grill and great atmosphere make Ha'achim (or in English, The Brothers), one of my favorite  places in Tel Aviv. The Doktor  brothers, the owners, made a combination between Israeli Shipudiya (shish-kebab place) and a contemporary restaurant. They serve staple Israeli dishes with a twist, some are  influenced by the old Palestinian cuisine, made on charcoal grill next to great chef dishes  such as scallops and an amazing grape salad. In Ha'achim you can share a great meal  with friends, a lot of alcohol and fill your table with mezze for  a very reasonable prices. It's a fun place for lunch or dinner. On Fridays and Saturdays, they have the best brunch  buffet in the city, but it’s so popular that you’ll have to make a reservation! On Mondays  and Thursdays, they have “wholesale” evenings with a live DJ and extremely cheap  alcohol.

The two brothers who own Ha'achim have also just opened a new place, Dok. A wine bar that serves small dishes based entirely on local ingredients from Israeli farmers and small producers. The chef, Asaf Doktor, describes Dok as a culinary workshop where he creates new flavors. In Dok you will find only seasonal ingredients, nothing imported and special dishes based on fruit the kitchen staff pick from the trees in Tel Aviv, which would usually go to waste. 
                                                                                                                                                            Photo credit: Sarit Gofen                                                                                                                  
is located next to the Carmel market, in the center of Tel Aviv. Basta in Hebrew means ‘market stall’ and the restaurant is very famous for its use of fresh ingredients and a divers menu that changes on a daily basis. The cuisine of the two chefs, Maoz Alonim and Itai Hargil, is influenced by the Palestinian and Galilen (north Israel) cuisine, alongside their East European heritage. Friday at noon is the best time to go to the Carmel market, see the people get ready for Shabat and enjoy wine and good food in HaBasta.In 2012 HaBasta was chosen by Newsweek magazine as one of the 101 best places to eat in Africa and Mideast.  
Photo credit: Vibe Israel 

To drink at any hour of the day, go to HaMinzar (The Monastery). One of the oldest bars in town, open 24/7.

One of the best places to get the Tel Aviv atmosphere is Port Said. Tables outside (also in the winter), casual vibe, music and quality Mediterranean food made by one of Israel most famous chefs, Eyal Shani, for reasonable prices.

There is only one way to eat your Hummus – with your hands and Pita bread. But you can eat the traditional Hummus or one with a modern touch. For the traditional Humus, go to Abu Hasan in Jaffa. Standing in line on Friday afternoon is part of the fun. In Han Manuli, you can eat Humus made by chef Felix Rosenthal with great mezze, drinks and the amazing atmosphere of Jaffa’s flea market. They also make a great Saturday brunch.

Another area for a great culinary experiences is Levinsky market, located in south of Tel Aviv. A small paradise of flavors and spices. Drink coffee in Kafe Kaimak (49 Levinsky street) and eat a sandwich at Dievuchka (41 HaHalutzim street). Try a burekas at Levinsky Burekas (46 Levinsky street) and make sure don't miss out on Haim Raphael’s family delicatessen (36 levinsky street)! For a great breakfast or lunch, go to Yahaloma (5 Zevulun street), a small bistro that serves local foods with the influence of Yahaloma's Egyptian roots. In the evening, go for dinner and drinks at HaHlutzim Shalosh (HaHalutzim 3 street), where Naama and Eitan will serve you delicious dishes prepared with excellent ingredients and a great vibe. The menu changes on a daily basis and it's a great combination of perfection and simplicity.

Hahalutzim, photo credit: Haim Yosef

12 Ibn Gvirol Street, Tel Aviv, 03-691 71 71
Opening times: Sun – Thu 12:00 – 00:00, Fri 09:00 – 00:00, Sat 09:30 – 00:00

8 Ibn Gvirol Street, Tel Aviv, 03 609 8118
Opening times: Saturday-Thursday: 19:00- last customer

4 Ha'shomer street, Tel Aviv, 03 516 9234

60 Allenby Street, Tel Aviv, 03 517 3015

Port Said
5 Har Sinai street, Tel Aviv, 03 620 7436

Abu Hasan
1 HaDolfin street, Jaffa

Han Manulie
7 Beit Eshel street, jaffa, 03 676 7884