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Joburg's dynamic energy gonna leave you wanting more

Posted 3 years, 9 months ago in SFYN Weekends

Johannesburg (Joburg, Jozi or sometimes known as Jo-hazardous-burg), is a City with a beat like no other. Its not an obvious city, but if you are allow yourself to explore its hesitant streets, you will not regret! Joburg, is a highly dichotomous city, and is the largest city in South Africa, and one of the largest man-made urban forests in the world. This city moves fast, and you have to listen to its rhythm.

Written by: Linzi Lewis  

Joburg, as like South Africa in general, has multiple realities. So a weekend in Joburg could take you a number of different spaces. I always advise people who visit, to "Not listen to anyone,  trust your instinct".  People will give you their opinions, and if you had to listen to most people you'd probably never leave the house. But don't waste the wonderful African Sunny sky! I promise you'll be fine! Just don't forget to listen to yourself, trust your instinct.

Joburg is South Africa’s largest city, and can be argued as the creative hub of SA. The dynamic and intercultural nature of Joburg inspires residents and those passing through. As like most of South Africa, Joburg has multiple, parallel, and conflicting realities, owing to its past, and the evolving nature of a mixed and free society. There is a lot to do here, and in Joburg we are not afraid to dive in and be the change.

Joburg used to be a just the landing site for many travellers, and they would quickly be out to see the beautiful South African landscape. But this has changed in recent years as people have realised the dynamic urbanness which is Joburg.

I’m gonna try give you a taste of a dynamic, diverse and transforming Joburg, as it inspires me daily.

On Friday night I would suggest finding some live music, possibly at the Afrikan Freedom Station, or The Orbit. These are both wonderful live music venues, that can give you a taste of traditional and up -and-coming acts. The Orbit is a beautiful Jazz club/restaurant and has a fabulous menu. The Afrikan Freedom Station is more intimate, where you will meet some incredible minds, and you’ll be able to learn and engage with Joburg and South African complexities.

On Saturday morning, if you like you can go to an Afro-fusion or Afro-Contemporary dance class at Moving Into Dance Mophatong, Newtown, to get a bit of movement before an eventful weekend.

After that for breakfast you can either stay around Newtown. There is a great coffee spot Kaldi’s which also has a vegan menu. If you are willing to get deep into the city,  you may wanna get to the Ethiopian District to get a four-layered juice and traditional ethiopian coffee. There is also a Mozambican market in the area with many regionally indigenous foods. You may need to find a local to take you to this area, as not all Joburger know about these treasures.

From there I would go to the Neighbourgoods market in Braamfontein, where you will see an entirely other South Africa. This is a recently rejuvenated part of the city. There is a market with wonderful foods (although very pricey). Opposite the market inside Kitcheners (an old historic bar) there is a second hand market, and is a great spot to meet young and interesting South Africans! This spot is a vibrant social space all day, and will turn into a great party for the night.

If you do feel for a change of atmosphere, you could go to Fordsburg, where there a totally different night market, with mixtures of Indian, Asian, and Middle-Eastern foods.

On Sunday, if you are needing a rest, there are many beautiful parks to visit. But if you still want to explore you should go to Maboneng’s Arts on Main Sunday Market. This is another renewed part of the city. The best place to be on a Sunday is The Living Room, a wonderful rooftop eco-cafe, with the best beats, while you dance and overlook the sunset over the city.

You can then crash at Curiocity Backpackers in the area.

A Perfect ending to a memorable visit to Joburg. You will definitely want more.