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Find the best tastes of Prague!

Posted 3 years, 11 months ago in SFYN Weekends

Going to Prague for a weekend? Are you passionate about food? Well, here are some tips of how to get the best out of the hipster food scene of one of the most beautiful cities in middle Europe – Praha.

Written by: Anna Grosmanova
Photo Credit: Hendrik Haase

Let’s imagine you arrive Friday afternoon, starving after several hours of travel, and the first thing you want to do is get a cold beer (because that’s what we are really good at here) and some serious steak. Well, since the main station is awfully close to the most visited square in Prague (Wenceslas´s square/ Václavské nádraží), you should head there and enter the Čestr restaurant. The restaurant offers a variety of amazing and unusual steaks from a Czech cow breed called Česká stračena. Since today you have set your mind on beer, after dinner you should head to Kulový blesk, which is just a couple minutes by walk or tram from Čestr. It’s a normal Czech pub but with an extraordinary selection of local brews. You should not get hot peppers with your beer though, because that would lead to you drinking 5 of them in a row.

 For the next day, you want to visit the most progressive and hip part of town called  Holešovice. If you feel like something more mainstream, visit Karlín, which is on the  opposite site of the river and offers many cool bistros and restaurants (Kafka, Můj šálek  kávy, Simply good…). If you prefer industrial-Berlin-like/Brooklyn-style stuff, you should  check out Holešovice. The best coffee you could ask for is ready for you at Paralelní  Polis, which is famous for their only-Bitcoin transactions but also for high quality coffee.  After that, a nice breakfast could be tasted in Home Kitchen, which is a very sweet  open kitchen restaurant in the Holešovice Port. In between you can check out the community garden, Prazelenina, which offers great cider, called Prager, or homemade bread, fresh from the oven. Lunch could be very enjoyable on the street in front of bistro 27, which will definitely make you feel authentic to whatever Holešovice has to offer. If you are into art, you can stay in Holešovice and visit DOX, which is a museum of modern art in Prague. For dinner you may try a very nice restaurant called Port 58, which always has original vegetarian options on its menu.

The industrial yet modern architecture will definitely grasp your  
attention, but if you don’t feel like staying in one district anymore
(and you are a meat lover), you should cross the river and go to
Naše Maso. It is a butcher shop, seated in a gastro passage which offers local breed (Přeštice Blac Pied Pig nad Stračena) aged meat products. Extraordinary flavours, with a cool concept and also warm burgers. Once you get yourself to the Gatropassage, consider yourself very lucky, or potentially very poor, because you will not be able to leave it with just a visit to the Naše Maso stand. You may also visit Sisters, Mám rád sýr,
or a nice winery on the corner of the inner passage. Either way, you´re going to have a great culinary adventure!

If you feel like sightseeing, there is no harm of seeing the downtown of Prague, but please, don’t consider Trdelník (which you will see everywhere) the ground stone of our culinary heritage. Since Czech is mostly famous for its beer, pork and sweet dishes, you can’t go wrong with any beer-meat option in any bigger pub.