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A weekend in the oasis of Tafilalet

Posted 3 years, 11 months ago in SFYN Weekends

We invite you to discover one of the richest heritages of a Moroccan oasis: A culinary weekend dedicated to the discovery of the treasures of Tafilalet, to try and learn the secrets of this beautiful region with their original cultural, geographical and gastronomical diversity. A weekend here will make you get into the authenticity adventure. Between valley, desert, sand dunes, oasis and high mountains, a great life lies ahead of you. Your first night will be at the Inn of the Jurassic to the High Atlas dinner with regional specialties of the local cuisine with local products.

By: Soumia Fahim (SFYN Morocco & SFYN Errachidia)
Photo Credit: Soumia Fahim  

Begin the day with the visit of the Hassan Eddkhil dam, the city of Errachidia, the blue source Meski, and take a slow breakfast in Oulad chaker Valley where you can taste the flavored tea with bread or mlawi, a local pancake which is baked with wood fire, and enjoy the Saharan yellow bee honey or beldi eggs.                                                                                                                                                                        
Continue to Aoufous, a slideshow of beautiful oases, and Ksour, where you can find traditional rural life and the landscape of small houses. You can visit Wahati cooperative (Convivium Elouaha), an organization of women manufacturing products from dates (jam, syrup, etc.), and you will have the opportunity to see and enjoy these local date products.

Through the source AIN EL ATI, at Erfoud, you can journey far into the  past by brushing against the fossils of Orthoceras and Ammonites or  fossilized  marble. You can watch the largest dinosaur fossils and try a  traditional  festivity dish you cannot find elsewhere, "the stuffed pigeons",  with local  bread. And do not forget to leave the 'halwa filaliya" to the end,  a traditional dessert made from local dates.


In Merzouga, enjoy the beautiful lake "Lake yasmina", famous for its flamingos and hot san baths, or mount a camel and hike to the Erg Chebbi, the highest sand dune in Morocco. Here you can gaze out onto the Moroccan sunset, a stunning moment not to be missed. Arrive back to a soup of aromatic and medicinal plants or a ourguiya soup followed by a Tajin of okra, and experience the atmosphere of the desert in a tent, with the firelight and local music "Gnawa". Sleep soundly after your day of deliciousness and adventure and start fresh in the morning with mint tea and local bread baked on hot stones with olive oil.

At Rissani, enjoy the animation and colors of its souk. Stroll for a time along the narrow streets in the shadow of reeds and discover the ruins
of Sijilmassa. Come see the mausoleum of Moulay Ali Cherif. A few steps from this masterpiece of Islamic art, you can visit the Ksar Akbar and Ksar Oulad Abdelhalim, true architectural wonders. Medfouna is a dish that you will enjoy and appreciate here, it is kind of bread stuffed with onions, egg and meat.
                                  "Rissani City Gate 2011" by Bjørn Christian Tørrissen 

In Jorf, with the Khettara convivium, you can discover the agriculture, soils work, seasonal products, livestock, irrigation system, and "khattara" (canals of water) of the oasis. Stop in for a panoramic view of khattars and enter these galleries and make sure you try to make a visit to see the work de Hanns Joerg-Voth.  

Continue to Goulmima, where at the women's cooperative, Al Afrah, you can try a local soup and authentic couscous, white, whole wheat and alfalfa, called "Bou Ifnouzen" and finish the evening at the cottage El Khourbat or cottage Moulin to celebrate local music "Amazigh". Do not hesitate to learn the steps of the local dance "ahidous".

There are many things to see and taste in the oases, this weekend will just put the region on the map to remind you of a destination which is "slow", where you can live a life of authenticity and modernization, in a balanced way.

"Overlooking Goulmima-davidooms" by David Ooms