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A little note for Istanbul from an Istanbulite

Posted 3 years, 11 months ago in SFYN Weekends

Unfortunately, there is no possible way to tell about her all at once. Even while the city makers are constantly working on the big make over, you can still discover the reality of this heritage by being in the center of it.

Written by: Aysenur Arslanoglu
Photo credits: Aysenur Arslanoglu

The landing zone for your Instanbul experience should definitely be Beyoğlu, and as it hosts almost everything about the social life in İstanbul, you can really make yourself a great weekend. Make sure you get ready for a walk, as it will keep you safe from the crowd and will let you in on a journey of this very complicated and colorful cultural heritage. 

In Beyoğlu, at the Pera side, you are going to find ‘Gram’. Grampera is the kitchen in the neighbourhood known for cooking with whatever sprouts up
in that season. The Gram team follows the farmers and ecological markets
in town tightly, and their passion for good and seasonal ingredients leads
to a colorful and rich lunch bar. When you enter the store, you will be welcomed by a pasty case, but keep calm and continue onto the next floor, where you will see a buffet which displays the menu of the day.

 Other than what's available at the buffet, more options will be written on the  glasses covering the walls. The chefs of Gram will be ready to prepare your  plate with the ingredients you pick and are definitely always ready for a talk  about the food. You may also take your meal to go, or perhaps you will come  just for the pastries.

 Gram Pera 

However you enjoy your experience at Gram, after the lunch you will need some good coffee, and for that I would take you down to Karaköy. Recently, the third wave coffee has taken us into the discussion of the quality of coffee beans from the regions, from the taste to the artisan-ship of the whole process. Petra is one of those initiatives in İstanbul and they openly invite us into the heart of this matter through experience. The Petra team, with its members full of energy, is serving from their coffee truck during this weekend gathering of artisans and designers in Souq.
Don’t miss out on the opportunity to check out this summer’s hits on their menu and enjoy the beauties at the bazaar.
                                           Petra Roasting Co. @ Souq Karaköy

You can spread out the other activities in your day since you are already so close to art spaces, event venues and much, much more! After some exploring, this part of town can also offer you a lot of options in terms of dinner. Some tips are given below from a classic meze table to a vegan restaurant. 

However, back at the Beyoğlu, on Istiklal Street there is something exciting waiting for you at Alex’s place, a kick-start for a Saturday night! Homemade bitters and tonics come along with the cocktails that Alex invents. For example, a summer special, named ‘patron’un karısı or '­the wife of the boss’, rules with calvados, aged rum, grenadine, and prosecco. 

So, yes, we are very excited about the summer here in Instanbul

Gram Pera
Asmalı Mescit Mahallesi
Meşrutiyet Caddesi No:107/D Beyoğlu
Tel : 0 212 243 10 48

Petra Roasting Co. @ Souq Karaköy
Kemankeş mahallesi, Mumhane cad.
Murakıp sokak No:12
Karaköy / istanbul

Alex’in yeri
Gönül Sokak 7B,
Asmalımescit, Beyoğlu

Karaköy Lokantası
Kemankeş Karamustafa Paşa Mh.,
Kemankeş Cd No:37/A, Karaköy/İstanbul, Turkey
+90 212 292 4455

Bi’nevi karaköy
Necatibey Caddesi, Karanlık Fırın Sokak (Arapoğlan Sk.)
No:5, 34425 Istanbul, Turkey
+90 212 249 6880

Dandin bakery
Kemankes Mah. Kilicalipasa Mescidi Sok. No:17/A