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A letter to all future food leaders

Posted 8 months, 1 week ago

'Who are these leaders? Is this me?’, you might be thinking to yourself right now.

Well, the fact that you received this message and are taking the time to read it is a good first sign that you might be one. Indeed, we are not talking about a leader in the traditional meaning of the word. You don’t have to be the chief, director, ruler or commander of a group. There’s no need to be of a certain age or have at least twenty years of work experience. In fact, most of us are young, still discovering what our passion in the field of food is, and trying to figure out what we actually want in life. Meanwhile, you can find us volunteer at farms or run them. Cook up food waste at home or organize disco soups in a city centre. March in political protests or work in politics. Go on a culinary travel adventure or organize them for others. Host eat-ins for friends or invite them into our own restaurants. …    

Actually, we are everywhere, throughout the food system and around the world! Although perhaps you haven’t met another future food leader yet? That’s because we work at the local grassroots level. We take action from the ground up. We make positive (small) change. You will not always recognize us from what we do, but rather from how we do it: take it Slow Food and celebrate it! With this, you set the example, you shape and make the future of food.

That’s when you are a future food leader.

We know you’re up for this ‘job’. Because most of you have been doing it for years. Even when there was no coordinating youth office, the youth of Slow Food has been going strong. We are proud to say that we are resilient, like weeds. Not even giants like Monsanto with their pesticides could break us down. Remember this one? “They are giants, but we are millions”. Let that sink in: a MILLION people making POSITIVE change! You’re not alone, because we are in this together. We realize that from the ground, you cannot always see this. That’s why we are so happy that now, the time has finally come to get together and give each other a firm hug and a good high-five. It’s Terra Madre time, and SFYN will be there, showing how proud we are of you, of us, all together:

Celebrating Future Food Leaders